Office Space Wars

Here is a parody of Office Space set in the Star Wars universe so you know, Darth Vader as Lumbergh and Jar-Jar as Milton.  Funny stuff.

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  1. Forever Geek says:

    I’m sure that everyone reading this has seen Star Wars at one time or another, and know just how great of a movie it is. Another popular movie favorite of mine is Office Space, which is so true to real…

  2. Tian says:

    I am glad you are enjoying Office Space Wars.


  3. Jen "Producer" Gentusa says:

    On behalf of everyone involved in the making of Office Space Wars, we want to thank you for linking to our film! We had no idea that word of the film would spread so fast. If you have questions, comments or would like to send us cash you can contact the crew from the film at

  4. Jay says:

    That has to be the most awesome short film ive ever seen.

    I have pains all over from laughing so hard.

    Well done to everyone involved 🙂

  5. Tian says:

    Both copies of Office Space Wars I have posted on my site ( and the link above ( are re-compressed version of the original. The original version is 30 MB, and the ones I have created are approximately 9 MB, which is much more download-friendly.


  6. Ian Davids says:

    This is Ian Davids, co-writer/director/actor of Office Space Wars. To everyone who’s watched, enjoyed, and passed Office Space Wars on, I thank you.

    I am now hosting a less bandwidth intesive version on my website, <a></a>

    Please pass the link on and leave a message on the bulletin board to share your thoughts.




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