Office Space Wars

Here is a parody of Office Space set in the Star Wars universe so you know, Darth Vader as Lumbergh and Jar-Jar as Milton.  Funny stuff.


Image APIs

I have the opportunity to take lots and lots of pictures these days and share them with family and friends.  You can guess why, but I am reluctant to be as open with my private life as say KC and David.  Anyhow I decided to create a photoblog for our relatives to keep up to date and allow uploading…


The End is Here

Autoblog has a post about BMW entering the mini-van market.  Sweet god no!


Joystiq – Weblogs Inc’s Video Game Blog

Weblogs Inc’s family of sites are announcing a video game blog –  I thought I read in this month’s Wired that Nick Denton ala Gawker, Gizmodo and the rest was coming out with a video game blog as well.  I guess Calacanis beat him to the punch.


Return of the DHTML Dude

Hmm…  the return of the DHTML dude is of interest to the Slashdot crowd.


Weird Afternoon at Microsoft

Weird afternoon at Microsoft today.  My building sits between our conference center and a cafeteria and as I look down from my window I can see the pathway into the cafe.  This afternoon I looked down and saw this woman that looked strikingly like Marilyn Monroe.  Didn’t think much of it as I was busy. …


Opinions on Blogging 1 Year Later

I have just noticed in my effort to understand this blogging phenomenon, I have been at it for just over a year now.  So what do I think about all this a year later?  I am still not sure that I get it entirely.  I see real value in reaching out to customers in any…


Washington State Ferries Get Wi-Fi

The Seattle PI is running a story about how Washington ferries are now equipped with wi-fi (free throughout the summer).  Sweet, now I can sync my aggregator on the way to go salmon fishin’ with grandpa.


Setting Outlook Web Access Views on the QueryString

The other day I received an e-mail from a guy who read an entry of mine on the Exchange team blog who wanted to know if was possible to specify the view of one’s Inbox on the querystring.  Surprised that people (one anyway) find my inane prattle useful, I thought I would share my response…