Job Opening in Outlook Web Access Development

Without sounding too much like a sales pitch here, I would like to put the word out that my team in Exchange, that is building the next great versions of Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Outlook Mobile Access (OMA), is looking for a solid developer to help the effort out.  The job involves working with “, C++, C#, DHTML, xHTML, XML, and new UI technology in Longhorn”.  You will need to push IE to the limit.  You will get to show off your creativity in building a UI that all of MS is proud and envious of.  You will get to play with Whidbey and Longhorn.  You will get to work with (or at least down the hall from) some other Exchange webloggers like KC and David.

If you're interested in this, apply by submitting your resume on the web site directly (not to me).  This is the direct way to our recruiters.  Good luck everybody.


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