Update on Scoble’s Link Power

Earlier I asked Robert Scoble to link to a site I run to see if his link power could raise my Google rank from zero.  Two weeks have past and the site is still a zero.  Perhaps Google has not recalc'd the rankings in the past two weeks.  I don't know.

Comments (6)

  1. RedWolves2 says:

    In my experience Google updates their rankings once a month.

  2. Oh, oh, my power is slipping. 🙂

    Yeah, it’s weird. My brother’s site isn’t well rated yet either.

  3. Google hasn’t updated PR yet, and no-one knows when it will. Some rumours are that it’s doing it quarterly, so next update will be soon (end March/begin April).

  4. Tosh Meston says:

    Looks like it worked. Google has recently recalc’d and InfiniteSoccer.com is now a 4 just as the Scobleizer said.

  5. redvamp128 says:

    Should have named it InfiiniteFootball.com (Remember to the world Soccer is an AMERICAN term.) A few years back I went overseas and a friend said let us go catch a football match. I went and was surprissed to see soccer but it still was a good game.

  6. Tosh Meston says:

    Perhaps one day when I expand to overseas markets there will be a "football" domain, but for now with mostly American users "soccer" makes more sense.

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