Sharing One’s Blogroll

Today I had this idea of a public site to upload one's blogroll so that you can find out who the people you read read - kind of an Amazon “people who bought this book also bought these...“ feature for weblogs.  My buddy Dave Levin thought he'd read something similar recently on Scoble and sure enough he sends a link from Winer describing just this feature.  Now I am cranky as I was all set to whip up a prototype.  Grrr...  Well, now I will use the lazy web and ask for the second part of this, web services which allow aggregator integration.  I want to be able to right-click on a feed in my aggregator and choose “Show me this person's blogroll“ and “Show me the blogrolls of people who also read this feed“. 

Also, in case you were wondering who the people who subscribe to me also subscribe to, check it out:


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  1. Paul Wilson says: has this feature.

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