Today I announce, a site for finding and scheduling pick-up soccer games based on the impressive technology that powers  Very exciting to think that a new franchise is the simple act of creating a new CSS, changing a few strings in the RESX, and setting an option in the web.config.

So what is it? is a place to find pick-up soccer games worldwide. If you are looking for a regular game to play in, check out our search. If you have a regular game and are looking for people, schedule it here so players can find it.

It’s free.

Comments (5)

  1. Lorri says:

    THis has got to be the most confusing website ever created!! why would I want to access a website for pickup soccer games in my area when none of the info on this website has anything to do with soccer in my area. I could just click into craigslist to get that information,,,, and get it quicker, and more straight to the point… … what does robots have to do with pickup soccer and why would I sit here and spend my time clicking around trying to find a pickup soccer game in San Francisco?? LAME!

  2. Tosh Meston says:

    This is my blog where I talk about lots of random things (including pickup games). The pickup soccer site is separate. Go here.

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