Drag and Drop Attachments in Outlook Web Access

Here's an Outlook Web Access (OWA) feature that's in some ways little known.  Although if you search for it, you can find articles talking about it.  It's the ability to drag and drop attachments on to a message.  What makes this possible is our S/MIME control. 

Try it out.  Install the S/MIME control from the Options page and then bring up a new mail message.  Now select a couple files, drag them over and drop them on to the body of the message.  They get added to the attachments list just like that.  It's so much better than having to post each individual file attachment which is typical of a web app, don't you think?

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  1. Brian O'Grady says:

    Hi Tosh

    I am trying to drag and drop mail.msg files onto an Asp.net page. As far as I can make out there is no direct way of implementing drag and drop on Web controls but it can be done with windows controls, so I’m trying to generate a windows form when a page is rendered and drag the mail onto the form. I have managed to drag a .msg file into a list box (reading the file as a MemoryStream object). I get the name of the file From the "GroupFileDescriptor" struct from the windows shell. and have been told that I can red the .msg contents by using the "FileContents" attribute. When I try to access the file contents the stream comes back as null (Im writing this in c# by the way). Is there any way I can read the file contents or even add the .msg file to the web page directly and have the event recognised. This may or may not be your area but I’m banging my head against the desk at this point. any advice would be great.



  2. I am awash in links to software I’ve been meaning to try: Installspy (yet another spyware detector), noticed at Lockergnome. FirelogXP (ICS log analyser), also via Lockergnome. Outlook Junk Filter Upgrade via Chris Meirick Newsgator service release. Markdown markup processor…

  3. Chad Detmer says:

    I am using OWA 2003 and was wondering if there is a way to have it open file attachments in thier native program instead of within a new broswer window? For example, when opening an .xls file have it open the file in Excel instead of within another instance of IE.

  4. Churchill says:

    Hi I was wondering!

    I am running Exchange 2003 and I have installed the s/MIME control but I still can not drag&drop attachments, can it be cause I am running the XP SP RC2 ??

    PLease let me know.



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