Outlook Web Access Addressing Shortcut: Avoiding Ambiguous Name Resolution

Here is a handy little shortcut for you Outlook Web Access users out there, one that I use all the time. 

Frequently I will type in the full alias of someone in the address book and expect it to resolve directly to the person I want.  Let's say for example, the alias is “toshm” and this is who I want to reach, but there's also a “toshme” in there.  The result is that you get the ambiguous name resolution dialog (what we on the team call the ANR dialog) popping up, asking you if you want “toshm” or “toshme”.  This can get old after a while if you mail this person all the time, but there's good news.  You can prefix an equals sign to the alias like “=toshm” and have it resolve directly to name you want.  Pretty cool.


Comments (3)

  1. Omar Shahine says:

    Uh, this rocks, but totaly undiscoverable ;-). We should do this in Entourage, cause right now we only do ANR with LDAP queries.

  2. Donna Tatro says:

    Great tip, but I have a report/question: We tried this on the To: and CC: fields in a new message. We have found that "=<alias> works most of the time but not 100%. I’ve tested 8 known aliases. Six tests returned the unique name beautifully. Two resulted in the Check names box popping up and giving me the choice of lots of people where the alias I typed in matched text within a Display name. Why would this be the case if I am matching on alias (which is uniquely assigned in our environment)?

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