I am kind of interested in applications of XML.  To be sure, it was an interest in RSS which led me to write my random thoughts about things on this blog.  Recently, I blogged an update about the MathML spec.  I have heard of projects such as ChemML (CML) to markup molecular structure and reaction formulas, and a similar effort is in progress to markup music.  Last night, I came across another effort by way of the cool Google ads on my pickup basketball site (shameless plug, I know and don't care) -- SportsML, which aims to provide a method to markup stats and scores from all sporting events.  A SportsML feed of up to the minute pro sports stats is something which naturally would be a good fit for my particular situation and all the would-be ESPNs around the web.  If those SportsML guys are reading this, no doubt the next step is a SOAP based SportsAPI for stat keeping.  Perhaps in my next life I will have time to work on this.

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  1. Do you know of any Web services that offer up-to-date sports stats? I run a blog – – and I display the up to date NBA standings based on a Web service I created (see I’d like to be able to tap into a Web service that displays the evening’s games and current scores, standings, stats, etc.

  2. Alan Karben says:

    Contact XML Team for info on SportsML web services. And visit our new blog, Statsology, for updates in the world of sports data and syndication —

  3. You may also want to check out the XMLSPORTS project, which has a goal to deliver SportsML-formatted data to the masses. See

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