and Google AdSense

I decided to sign up for Google AdSense and start serving content specific ads (in this case basketball specific) on my pickup basketball site.  The Google team first reviewed the site and suggested that I push more content outside of my login before they would agree to serve ads.  Having more functionality for unauth’d users…


Finance for Geeks

Eric Sink has another article on the business of software on MSDN.  This time it’s Finance for Geeks.  Fantastic series.  Good info for new software shops.  I wish there was more about SourceGear’s early days, decisions they made, problems they had, etc.


Newsweek Interviews Bill

Here’s an interview of Bill by Newsweek’s Steven Levy.  A little bit of Longhorn vision, a little bit on security, a little bit on charity.


MathML Working Group Notes Published

From the W3C Weekly News – 16 November 2003 e-mailing: MathML Working Group Notes Published   The Math Working Group has released “Units in MathML,” “Structured   Types in MathML 2.0” and “Bound Variables in MathML” as Working Group   Notes. MathML is an XML application that allows mathematical notation   and content to be…


The Business of Software Column

I hadn’t checked out the MSDN column page in a while so I decided to hit it up and see what’s new.  I discovered a new column about the business of being a small software shop by Eric Sink (the non-legend), which I think is very interesting.  I am interested in the successes of small ISVs and…

0 — the first month

My .NET authored site for pickup basketball has been up for just over five weeks now.  I have signed up 76 users and this number seems to have really plateau’d out.  I have added such features as RSS feed of the NBA news that I find interesting (which no one uses — seriously), RSS on…


XBOX Wireless Adapter

Picked up the XBOX wireless adapter on Friday.  Works very nicely.  Setup was ok.  It seems to work with WEP alright.  I am also using MAC filtering and this didn’t seem to work, although I am sure I have the correct MAC address specified.  Anyhow, I had to disable filtering for the time being while…