Viewing one page without having to be forms authenticated (the registration page case)

Q.  How do I remove an individual page from having to be forms authenticated to view it?  I don't want to reorganize my site to have a wide open directory containing only one page.  I just want this one page accessible.  It is a registration page for new users.

A.  Having run into this myself and seen it asked multiple times on discussion aliases.  I thought I would blog the solution I used.  Answer is to drop something like this into the configuration node of your web.config.

<location path="register.aspx">



<allow users="*" />




Comments (4)

  1. I think that should be:

    <allow users="?" />

    <allow users="*" />

    The ? allows non-authenticated users…

  2. Tosh Meston says:

    In this case, the effect is the same. A question mark (?) allows anonymous users; an asterisk (*) allows all users.

  3. True enough. I always thought that * only represented authenticated users…

    I stand corrected…

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