Word-wrap in Visual Studio

If you're like me, you heard about word-wrap in Visual Studio and weren't impressed.  Maybe you read this article, or maybe you watched this MSDN TV episode.  But you could not see a use for it.  You're detail oriented.  You take pains to format your code such that no scrolling is necessary on the resolutions that most devs have.  In fact, in the Outlook group the coding guidelines suggest no more that 80 characters across in source files (I always thought this was a little too confining and tried to keep it around 100).  Anyhow, word-wrap in VS was never really interesting until I had to manipulate long strings in my resx.  The data view is ok for small strings, but is really a pain with long ones.  Dealing with long strings in the XML view either involves a lot of scrolling or introducing unneeded carriage returns and line feeds into your resource strings which is no good either.  So, I tried it.  CTRL+R, CTRL+R, and I am a happy camper. 

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