Terrible rewrite compulsion

I just opened a project that I hadn't touched in quite some time and noticed that I was building up my SQL statements by concatenation, which as we all know is a bad idea.  I then felt that old compulsion to start rewriting -- this time to use OleDbParameters.  I really don't need to update the code.  It's a personal tool, and it serves its purpose, but the urge to rewrite is there.  Next time I open it, I may have learned another new trick and feel that urge to implement that.  Anybody else have this kind of compulsion?  I'm sick.

Comments (4)

  1. Constantly…I have on occasion had to be physically restrained from rewriting code (no, unfortunately I’m not joking!). At the moment I’m trying to avoid rewriting an entire CMS because I want to strengthen transactional support…I have a problem…:-)

  2. DonXML says:

    Same here. You almost feel embarrassed that you ever developed code like that, and want to exsponge it from exsitence.


  3. julie says:

    you’re not sick. Your a programmer. It’s developer’s disease. A fine trait to have!!

  4. Seth says:

    The first step to fixing your problem, is admitting you have one. Congratulations.

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