Exchange 2003 RTMs

Exchange 2003 releases to manufacturing with the greatest version of Outlook Web Access to date!  Here's a list of some of the features that I worked on:  S/MIME, rules, junk e-mail options, improved address wells and contacts search. 

Try us out.  You'll love it. 

Comments (1)

  1. Since you asked… thoughts on OWA…

    1) Very impressive!

    2) The premium client is very cool, but is rather slow on my computer (AMD 1Ghz, 256Mb of SD133 RAM).

    3) I like the basic client – it has all the same functionality (so far as I can tell), and is a *heck* of a lot faster. It’s not as quick as a desktop GUI (obviously), but compared to other web applications I’ve seen, it’s blazing.

    Afraid I don’t have any really insightful commentary to offer… I like it, it’s sexy, desktop apps are better if you can get them of course, but this would be very handy if you’re on someone elses machine and need to grab a piece of info from your email account.

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