Work uses for blogging

I decided I would try to use my internal blog to keep track of certain docs I use from time to time to set up Exchange server or manipulate my development environment.  They'd once been e-mails, then later modified and dumped onto a share.  Since I am experimenting with self-publishing / blogging, it was natural to dump them on the site.  Now they're categorized and of no real interest to anyone else but me.  Perfect blog entries.  Ahaha...

Would love to hear how others use blogging for work...  Feel free to drop a comment.

Comments (2)

  1. Don says:

    I just set up an internal blog this weekend, its going to be my online status report. My boss is pretty cool about status reports and stuff, but I told him if he wants an update on my progress on various projects, go to my blog.

    You can see my blog entry about it at

  2. Mads Nissen says:

    I’ve got the same need as you; to put stuff into my blog of personal future reference or as information for a limited number of people. wrote about it here:

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