a little of this, a little of that

I feel like I am .NET evangelist lately.  I have brothers-in-law asking me about it, my intern is full of questions about it, even some of the non-techno people at MS are asking how hard it is to jump on board.  I am not an evangelist strictly speaking.  I am a dev.  I work on a part of Exchange server called Outlook Web Access.  I use .NET and C# for work, and I use it for projects at home too. I feel like I am an evangelist, because I love it and I talk about it.  I guess I'll blog about it too.

This blog is supposed to have a technical focus and I am sure many times it will.  Today, I blog externally for the first time so I should give a little background about myself.  As I said, I am a software design engineer at MS.  I have worked here for 7 years.  I started as a tester, then a web developer and now plain old dev.  I have worked on and shipped the following products: Team Manager 97, Project 98, Project 2000 (and Project Central).  Currently I am working on shipping Exchange Server 2003.

I used to contribute to an MSDN Voices column called Web Team Talking.  Maybe you've read some of my stuff?

Why blog anyhow?  I mean, what's the point?  There is no point.  Weblogging is just fun.  I guess if you read me then you'll hear about Microsoft life.  Maybe you will hear about what I do with .NET.  Maybe you'll hear about what I do on the weekends.  Maybe, you will hear me responding to what some other guy wrote on his weblog in response to someone else.  It's that exciting.

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