Milestone 100

My little .NET project for finding and scheduling basketball games reached 100 registered players on Saturday, I am pleased to say.  Development in recent weeks has been mostly in the area of UI and ease of use improvements.  I have also started my link exchange campaign starting with NBA webloggers.  This seems to be driving the…


Make More Mistakes

Eric Sink has a new Business of Software article out on MSDN columns, entitled Make More Mistakes.  This one is exactly what I would hope he would write about.  He talks about the history of SourceGear and mistakes ranging from bad technology choices to bad real estate decisions involving the company.  Nice that he can share…


Popups for fun and profit

I just came across the ruling that allows a company, D Squared, to resume sending pop-ups to people’s computers via the Messenger service in Windows (not to be confused with Windows Messenger).  The company has not decided whether to resume the ads or not.  Personally, I hope they choose not to.  After all there’s better ways to…


Rolling Stone Interview of Steve Jobs

Here’s a link to the Rolling Stone interview with Steve Jobs talking about iPod, iTunes and the future of the recording industry. “It is corrosive to one’s character to steal.” — Jobs


Don’t Leave, Frans

So yesterday Frans Bouma posted his concern about becoming less of a .NET community site and instead a pulpit for MS employees (as a result of all the GotDotNet bloggers moving here) and wondered if it’s still appopriate to criticize Microsoft from this domain.  He admitted that he’s thinking of moving his blog someplace…



I am kind of interested in applications of XML.  To be sure, it was an interest in RSS which led me to write my random thoughts about things on this blog.  Recently, I blogged an update about the MathML spec.  I have heard of projects such as ChemML (CML) to markup molecular structure and reaction formulas,…


GIMPS finds 40th known Mersenne Prime

From… On November 17, 2003 Michael Shafer’s computer found the 40th known Mersenne prime, 220,996,011-1! This number “weighs in” at a whopping 6,320,430 decimal digits! This is also the largest known prime number, surpassing GIMPS’ last discovery by over 2 million digits.  Here’s the number in case you are interested.  

0 and Google AdSense

I decided to sign up for Google AdSense and start serving content specific ads (in this case basketball specific) on my pickup basketball site.  The Google team first reviewed the site and suggested that I push more content outside of my login before they would agree to serve ads.  Having more functionality for unauth’d users…


Finance for Geeks

Eric Sink has another article on the business of software on MSDN.  This time it’s Finance for Geeks.  Fantastic series.  Good info for new software shops.  I wish there was more about SourceGear’s early days, decisions they made, problems they had, etc.


Newsweek Interviews Bill

Here’s an interview of Bill by Newsweek’s Steven Levy.  A little bit of Longhorn vision, a little bit on security, a little bit on charity.