Things you didn’t know (and perhaps don’t want to know) about ASP.NET Session State

I’ve uploaded a brief summary on the extensibility of ASP.NET Session State (see link to AspNetSessionState.pdf below).  Many people aren’t aware of how easy it is to implement a custom session state provider.  Having your very own disk based (file based) session state provider is just a few lines of code away. AspNetSessionState.pdf


Server.TransferRequest hangs or takes a long time to execute

Server.TransferRequest is a new API in the IIS 7.0 release of ASP.NET.  It is essentially a server-side redirect.  When invoked, a new request context is created, called the child request, and it goes through the entire IIS 7.0/ASP.NET integrated pipeline.  The child request can be mapped to any of the handlers configured in IIS, and…