Good afternoon!  My name is Thomas Marquardt.  I am a developer at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team.  I implemented/designed the ASP.NET/IIS7 integrated pipeline.  I own the core of ASP.NET, the pipeline, the hosting interfaces, and application services including the cache and file change notifications.  When I began working here in July of 1998, the CLR was known as COM+ and consisted primarily of an execution engine.  You could almost say there weren't any compilers or languages targeting the runtime at that time.  Yes, it had a small class library but only really simple stuff like Object, Type, and String, and the compiler was a hack that allowed some testing of the runtime.  From there we went on to release .NET Framework v1.0 and Visual Studio .NET and three new languages (well, at least one new language and two with significant modifications) in February of 2002, which is really quite a bit of work to have completed in such a short time.  Oh, and of course ASP.NET was part of that release.

Before Microsoft I was working on a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Oregon when I decided to shift gears and move to Seattle.  I still have a passion for mathematics but I also enjoy creating great software.



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  1. scui says:

    great!  Your blog post for thread usage is a must-read.

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