Dynamics AX 2012: Meet the Table Control

Meet Dynamics AX 2012’s Table Control. It’s an unbound control that offering unique interactions with the user providing functionality not available with other “table or tabular” controls like ListView and Grid. The table allows the developer to swap underlying controls on a cell by cell basis, and has the ability to show a large number of columns-definedat…


AX2012: Reading a string from an AOT resource

Sometimes the most basic of concepts become a challenge unless you’ve seen an example or have any idea that they exist at all. Within Dynamics AX, the use of resources to persist images, blobs or strings is one of those concepts. This is a quick example of how to obtain modeled data that has been persisted…


Dynamics AX 2012: How Wide is my Grid Column?

So you want to know about column sizing? You’d think the sizing of a column in a grid would be a fairly straightforward task. In Dynamics AX2012… it is, as you shouldn’t ever have to care as the Dynamics framework implements a pretty sophisticated algorithm to attempt to size the columns in the grid to…


The Dynamics AX2012 Segmented Entry Control for Developers – Introduction

The Segmented Entry Control You’ll use this page to gain understanding about fundamental elements and use of the Segmented Entry Control. Look within Dynamics AX2012 for specific implementation examples. This brief overview introduces you to fundamental aspects and the things to look for in the examples in order to author your own instance of the Segmented Entry Control….


Charts in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

        Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 has integrated support for Microsoft .NET charts, easily managed via X++.   The Microsoft .NET team has extended the .NET API by introducing a Chart control. Microsoft Dynamics Client enables simple use of this control by creating a new X++ wrapper class for the MSChart control: Graphics. The…


Dynamics AX2012: Integrating Managed Controls with Task Recorder

Integrating Managed Controls with Task Recorder: Task Recorder Overview: Task Recorder is a feature of Dynamics AX that is used extensively by partners and customers to create process or learning documents for customer specific scenarios. With Task Recorder, the user can document the specific steps for completing a task in AX. In record mode, Task Recorder creates…


Dynamics AX2012: The Managed Control Host FAQ

  I’m the Senior Program Manager responsible for Controls and User Interaction for Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012. One of the controls that we introduced in AX2012 that I’m really excited about is the Managed Control Host. Like most new functionality it’s a prime candidate for mis-use and overuse because it’s cool.  My guidance to you…


I’m not happy with my Hippocampus.

I’m Todd Lefor and I work on the Microsoft Business Framework team. I’m interested in all sorts of technology, including (but not limited to) digital video–I’ve actually been able to convince my wife that we need a TiVo AND a Media Center PC–computer animation, human interface, well done design and high performing transaction based financial systems. My…