Getting a new PC? Protect and purge files now

When you stop and think about it, your home computer holds a lot of information about you—credit card numbers, bank account details, passwords, medical information, Web sites you’ve visited, and those deep, dark secrets you share with your best friend via e-mail.  There naturally comes a time when you’re ready for an upgrade, whether it…


Tracking what auto-starts with AutoRuns for Windows

  This neat little utility from Sysinternals helps you keep track of what is running in Windows Vista. It’s a bit like the MSCONFIG utility, only better in that it classifies everything and helps you gain insight into what is clogging up the works. Download (490 KB) AutoRuns for Windows


Open, edit, and save Office 2007 documents: Download the Office Compatibility Pack

I get a lot of comments (angry comments) from friends, family, and colleagues saying that they can’t open Office 2007 documents they get from me or other people using the latest version of Office. There are a couple of ways to avoid this issue. If you’re using Office 2007, you can save your documents as previous…


Download the new version of Windows Defender

We’ve gotten a lot of comments about the confusing “Windows Defender has expired” message. Even my dad—who has been in the computer industry for 30 years—got confused by it. The Security Tips & Talk blog has the information you need about downloading the latest version of Windows Defender, where to find support, and what to…


Personalize your Windows XP-based PC

We got a lot of feedback on the Customize your Start menu entry. Making your PC personal—and it is supposed to be personal—and friendly for you to use can go a long way toward improving your computing experience. I started writing some additional articles on how to customize your monitor, mouse settings, toolbars, and other…


Back-up success story: Windows Live OneCare

There are a few things you should do regularly to maintain your computer. Making security updates and running performance tools are two things, and backing up your files is another one. Windows Live OneCare, which I’ve been using for two months now, can be set up to automatically do all of these things. Last week…


Starting Over with System Restore

Recently I was trying to set up my new cell phone to work with my home computer. I had some installation problems and was having a hard time trying to un-do some changes that were made to my system. (This had to do with drivers that were installed to support a Bluetooth® connection, which is…


Neck or shoulder pain? Try these 10 healthy computing tips

If working on the computer is becoming a pain in the neck, it might be time to rearrange your work area and change some of your computer habits. Start the new year off right by following these simple suggestions for healthy computing. Take a 3-minute break every 30 minutes.During your break, breathe deeply from your…


Getting started with a wireless home network

As you probably know, a computer network lets you connect computers together so you can pass files back and forth between them, share a printer, or even share a single connection to the Internet. This article is aimed at beginners who want to learn about wireless networking or get help installing a network in their…


5 steps to clean up your computer files

When we started the At Home and At Work Web sites, we thought that most of the reader questions we’d get would be about complex Excel formulas, editing digital photographs, or how to build a PC from spare parts. In fact, your questions tend to be a bit more practical. One of the most common…