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Microsoft Windows Mobile is the power behind handheld devices like the Pocket PC and Smartphone. With a Windows Mobile device in your hand and Exchange Server 2007 in your office, the information you need most is always at your fingertips.

Every Windows Mobile device comes complete with Outlook Mobile, ensuring you have access to your e-mail, Calendar, contacts, and tasks wherever you are. Outlook Mobile also supports Exchange Server 2007's Unified Messaging, a capability that, when configured by IT, delivers voice mail and faxes directly to your Outlook and Outlook Mobile inboxes.

Exchange Server 2007's ActiveSync technology ensures your device is connected to the server and ready to receive new Outlook items as they arrive. This "push" technology makes manual synchronization a thing of the past, ensuring your device always has the latest and greatest information. Over-the-Air Search functionality allows you to search your entire mailbox from your device, whether or not the items you're looking for have been downloaded to the local store.

But wait, there's more! Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices may also include Office Mobile, powerful pocket-sized versions of the applications you know and love. With Office Mobile, you can create, edit, and open Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on your device. Combine Office Mobile with Exchange Server 2007's LinkAccess, and you can even open linked documents stored on internal shares or Windows SharePoint Services sites right from your device. If OneNote Mobile is installed on your device, you can take notes on your device and synchronize them to Office OneNote 2007.

We hear what you're saying. "All this information in my pocket is great, but what if my pocket gets picked?" Not to worry. You can use Outlook Web Access 2007 (a feature of Exchange Server 2007) to remotely wipe your device. The Artful Dodger will have your device, but not your data. You can even use Outlook Web Access to reset your device password. So, go ahead. Put a Windows Mobile device in your pocket. Just make sure you pay for it first.

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  1. Does Microsoft have a program where I can send/recieve faxes through my computer if the sending person only has a phone line fax machine. There are so many companies offering the service. I feel Microsoft has the same and prefer Microsoft.

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