Managing E-Mail and Records

Do you work in an industry where every piece of e-mail you send (or sometimes even think about sending) has to be archived for legal purposes? In today's regulation-heavy environment, if you're not careful, cleaning out your Mailbox can lead to cleaning out your desk. To make the process of archiving e-mail easier, you can use Managed E-Mail Folders in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Once set up by the administrator, Managed E-Mail Folders are accessible in Outlook 2007 and Outlook Web Access 2007. You can drag messages required for archival to these folders where they will be governed by administrator-defined retention and expiration policies.

Likewise, an Office SharePoint Server 2007 Records Repository can help you archive and manage important documents of record. IT personnel, lawyers, and records managers can use the Records Repository site template to quickly create an online records vault and apply information management policies to govern record labeling, auditing, and expiration. Documents can be uploaded to the repository directly from your favorite Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

Managed E-Mail Folders and SharePoint Records Repositories are easy ways to stay compliant with external regulations and internal policies.

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Comments (12)

  1. I cannot receive/send email now.  I called Comcast last night and after a time of making suggestions, the person said that my error message indicated that Norton Antivirus was the cause and to disable Norton. I don’t know how to disable Norton.  I lost my email ability right after a friend came over and used my computer.  She had accessed her email via the internet. Possibly the two are completely unrelated.  I do need my email to work.  Please help.

  2. Well Folks, you want me to sign in and give you my password.  I have tried to do that but it isn’t good enough and you want to know my secret code (my first car).  Now that is fine also as I know that my first car was a Plymouth but that is where we don’t seem to be able to communicate or else I gave you a different code word for a different car.  So how can you help me get back to my email???

    And by the way, how can I get the "live mail" off of my computer???

  3. Carolyn says:

    I want to transfer my Outlook Express (2003) data to the new Microsoft Outlook (2007) software.  I don’t know how to do it.  Any ideas other than just slogging through minutae one bit at a time?  Thanks, CB

  4. mcontee says:

    I am unable to receive my older e-mails from the old Windows Outlook express (e-mail) on to the ISP Comcast e-mail site. What do I due to get access to the e-mails TKs

  5. norman gray says:

    gentlemen,How do I program to get my

    E mail web page to come up at startup ?

                       Thank you

  6. Raj says:

    Thanks for the useful tip.

    If you can provide tips for Office Outlook 2007 specifically for Contacts in Outlook.

    1) Sometimes it’s difficult to manage the Change Name of Sender for sender email in comparision to The Custom Name as feeded for the particular email id.

    2) Please guide how to send reminder from Office Outlook 2007 by Email to the assigned recipient / client only.

    3) In the situation of 20 or 30+ opened messages of total received 900+ message in the inbox, how to mark and keep slectively 3-4 messages from the open messages and close the rest by selecting option close group messages. This is required in case of if I am just going to look and work on the 4 messages only at this moment. If possible then please let us know how to group message(s) by any identifier name which I can open later on.

  7. Carmen Shaikh says:

    Is it possible that someone deleted my hotmail account. I cannot login.

    How can I recover it?

  8. Ralph Henson says:

    I signed up for windows mail and the only thing I could find on the help sight was Google Mail. I did not sign up for Gmail, I signed up for Windows mail.

    No help.

  9. Ullas Balakrishna says:

    I am really surprised at the lack of the option to print a chosen page in the e-mail set up. One has to either print all pages or has just an option to print either the odd or even pages.  In these days when everyone is thinking of limiting the printing to save paper as much as possible, why does MS has such a flaw in its application.

    Surprisingly, this feature was available in the 2003 version.

  10. Leah says:

    I have a full addressbook at hotmail, it is affecting my ability to add friends to my msn spaces etc.  I do not want to delete any more entries.  How can I expand it?  Can  you include a link if possible?



  11. Percy says:

    Having indexing issues with Outlook 2007

    I uninstalled and reinstalled, everything worked fine for two days, then lost indexing again.

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