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All I want for Christmas are my two blog feeds. And my industry and news subscriptions. And my Hollywood celebrity baby updates. And I want to manage all of these Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds from one place—the same place I manage the rest of my e-mail communication. Fortunately, I don't have to wait until Christmas to take advantage of this functionality. And neither do you.

You can now fully subscribe to and interact with RSS feeds from within Outlook 2007, the most natural place to manage this kind of information. To add an RSS feed, right-click the RSS Feeds folder in the Navigation Pane and select Add a New RSS Feed. Enter the URL for the RSS feed you want to manage. For more detailed management options, click Tools, then Account Settings, and select the RSS Feeds tab.

For more information on Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, visit http://office.microsoft.com/outlook.

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  1. Did you see the post at blogs.msdn.com

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