Microsoft Videos—a new way to view what’s new at Microsoft

Launched today, Microsoft Videos is a brand-new video portal that gives you an easy-to-use location for viewing all of the most recent Microsoft-produced videos. The portal has a wide variety of videos, keynote speeches, how-to instructions, and demo videos.   Featured videos will change daily and you can watch them using a new custom Silverlight video player. Try out …


Team Sites and My Sites and More, Oh My!

Meeting Workspaces and Document Workspaces are two examples of the different sites and workspaces you can create with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Office SharePoint Server 2007. To see the full list of Windows SharePoint Services default site templates, click the Site Actions button on your site, workspace, or portal home page, then select Create…


Open XML Formats in the 2007 Microsoft Office system

Microsoft Office Open XML is the new default file format for Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, and Word 2007. Why would Microsoft introduce a new file format with this release? No, not to make your life miserable. In fact, Microsoft Office Open XML is designed to make working with documents easier than ever before. Imagine two…

The Great Communicator

Do you spend more time talking to voicemail than people? Is sending e-mail like tossing pennies down a black hole? Take a look around—the lights may be on in the cubicle next door but nobody’s home. Where is everyone? Chances are they’re in a meeting. Or between meetings. Or working from home to avoid meetings….


Feed Me

All I want for Christmas are my two blog feeds. And my industry and news subscriptions. And my Hollywood celebrity baby updates. And I want to manage all of these Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds from one place—the same place I manage the rest of my e-mail communication. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait until…


Urban Legend Alert

In the past, some companies encouraged their users to turn off the Reading Pane in Outlook to safeguard against virus infections. That memo probably went out in your office about the same time they started casual Fridays. While this may have been a concern in the early days of HTML e-mail content, today’s Reading Pane…