We’ve Got to Start Meeting Like This

Congratulations, the meeting was a huge success. Your boss is pleased, your client impressed, and the finance department is practically counting the money. And to think, you did it all in your underwear. Or bathrobe. Or shorts, flip-flops, and that Def Leppard t-shirt you bought during the Hysteria tour of '88. Now, that was a show.

Of course, nobody actually saw you dressed in your Saturday morning best. Your client is based in another state. Your boss lives in another city. And recent cuts in the travel budget made sure you won't be seeing either of them in person until the next fiscal year. Thankfully, Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 was there to help.

Live Meeting is an online meeting service that lets you host and participate in meetings from any computer with Internet access. With Live Meeting, you can brief Bob in Baltimore without packing a bag. You can plan with Pauline in Paris without purchasing a plane ticket. You can even find funding in Fargo in February without freezing your fanny off.

And because Live Meeting is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office applications you use every day, you're never more than a few clicks away from a great meeting. For example, with the free downloadable Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook (available on Microsoft Office Online at http://office.microsoft.com), you can turn any Outlook 2007 meeting request into a Live Meeting. Once in your meeting, you can upload a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation or other files you wish to present to meeting attendees. You can engage in real-time application sharing with another person, or create interactive slides for whiteboarding, Web browsing, and audience polling. Meeting audio can be integrated with your phone conferencing service or broadcast over the Internet to attendees' computer speakers. And the whole thing can be recorded and saved for future playback.

Kind of like that mini tape recorder you used to capture Rock of Ages.

For more information on Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007, visit http://office.microsoft.com/livemeeting.

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