Download the new version of Windows Defender

We’ve gotten a lot of comments about the confusing "Windows Defender has expired" message. Even my dad—who has been in the computer industry for 30 years—got confused by it. The Security Tips & Talk blog has the information you need about downloading the latest version of Windows Defender, where to find support, and what to do if you’re still having problems with it. Visit their Download the new version of Windows Defender post.

--Jason Kozleski

Comments (9)

  1. Alec Coliver says:

    Found this to be excellent for the way it identifies spyware from most sites visited

  2. William Koble says:

    I like that you all help to keep me updated on all the new things that you have on protection and improvements.

                       Thank You

  3. Ben Sundblom says:

    The Windows Defender has really helped me a great deal. i think it is better protection than many of the many more out there and the cost is unbeatable.. thank you.. Now if you would kick you partner Quest and get me broadband i woul be very happy…

  4. Srinivasan S.R. says:

    I found that Windows Defender doesn’t detect tracking cookies and also some spyware that Norton Symantec online scanner and Computer Associates online scanner detect.  I have sent these malware as per the guidance posted on Windows Defender page to Microsoft but I find that Microsoft hasn’t come up with a patch for anyone of them.

    I hope Microsoft will look into this matter and take appropriate action.

  5. Ray Myers says:

    I am very impresed w/ all the new windows security!

  6. Gener Belony says:

    Elated to have window defender on my computer.Ialways wanted to have a mean to correct problems that arise.thank you microsoft.            

  7. I have been using the defender since early beat and found it to be stable, fast and more imporantly, keep the spyware at bay !!

  8. Nick says:

    I just installed the latest French version of Windows Defender, and I have to say it contains a (over) localization issue.

    The registry key used to automatically launch Windows Defender contains "-masquer" as an argument instead of "-hide". Which causes the Windows Defender to be openned every time the computer starts.

  9. Joseph Nearns says:

    I didn’t know there was a new version.

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