Microsoft research – embedded devices

Microsoft is always looking into new ways in which we can interact with devices. Here on10 Laura Foy looks at some interesting new devices with Windows CE (Compact Edition) WinCE is a compact version of Windows found on Windows Mobile devices, PDA’s, GPS and even medical equipment. The most compelling invention I liked was the…


Microsoft research – InkSeine

Video: Microsoft research – innovations in data input InkSeine is an early prototype that takes digital ink to a whole new level and may become a product or derivative later on — Rob Atkinson


Windows Photo Gallery – Panoramic photos revisited –

Although I have already posted about WPG ability to stitch together photos aka PhotoSynth and had figured out that WPG could create a somewhat 3D like view. I was impressed with how easily a composite photo can be brought together using this neat tool, plus the ability to post to Flickr or Spaces via one…


Windows Live Writer 1.0 – Blogging made easy

If you are looking at getting into the art of blogging or weblog publishing as it is known, then look no further. Windows Live Writer let’s you easily publish weblog entries via a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface. WLW also supports plug-ins for video, Live maps, pictures, music being listened to,…


Using Groove 2007 to stay in synch

             This short demo shows succinctly how Groove 2007 can be used effectively. One of the examples/problems shown is how to alleviate chain-mail, whereby people can end up having to trawl through a long email with multiple replies and subsequent out of synch file attachments Groove acts as a lynchpin in making sure teams can…


Get Office Tips & Tricks direct to your desktop – Windows Vista gadget

  Windows Live Gallery Found this little utility whilst browsing the Liveside blog recently. Pops up some useful Office tips on a daily basis linked in to Office Online Also of note is the level at which Office Online (Training) is going to garner an audience. For example there are now training materials about using SharePoint Designer,…


How to get the most out of SharePoint 2007 using SharePoint Designer 2007

  More recently I have been delving into the intricacies of SPD 2007. SPD is based around FrontPage technologies, but vastly improved. I’ll be publishing more info as I learn how to get the most out of this powerful tool, especially when combined with developing SharePoint 2007 sites. Joel Oleson’s blog is a great place…


Office Online Training – How to get the most out of Excel 2007

There are some cool features in Excel 2007, especially those surrounding formula’s, formula shortcuts, conditional formatting and using pivot tables to call-out important data The Office Online training portal has some excellent training podcasts, videos and webcasts starting with this three part series. Complete two via the Office Genius portal and get a free t-shirt…


Create panoramic photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery beta

Although I was aware of this neat little trick in the new Photo Gallery beta, I hadn’t tried it myself. So I took this photo of my office using my phone camera and then used the option to create a panoramic photo and then cropped it. Just select a group of photos that are similar,…