5 reasons to download IE 7

I don't condone downloading and installing random programs just to try them. That's a great way to expose your computer to security threats and performance issues--not to mention filling your computer with junk. But if something helps you get things done and improves your computing experience, then it's time to download. That said, I highly recommend downloading and installing Internet Explorer 7. I've used IE7 for about two months. It's great. I had some problems when I started; for example, I couldn't log into my online banking site. But those problems have been resolved.

Several people--including me--have written about IE7 and some of the reasons to use it. I've included links to some these articles at the bottom of this article. In addition, here a couple of the things I have liked about IE7 so far.

  1. It's cool. Let's face it, IE6 looked dated compared to other browsers. But take a look at IE7. With Tabbed browsing, RSS Feeds, and an instant search box, IE7 has a new look that also improves your browsing experience.

  2. Stay more secure. A new IE7 architecture and improved security tools will help protect you against malicious software. For example, a phishing filter proactively warns you against potential or known fraudulent sites and blocks the site if appropriate. In addition, you can download Windows Defender Beta 2 to help prevent spyware from getting on your computer.

  3. Save paper. The new printing features automatically shrinks text so that the Web page fits onto your final printed page. It's one of my favorite features in IE7.

  4. Use new add-ons. There are several IE7 add-ons that can improve your browsing experience. Again, I don't condone downloading programs just to try them, but some of these are helpful.

  5. Tabbed browsing. I've liked the tabbed browsing since I started using IE7, but after 2 months of use I'm hooked. The tabs save me time and limit the number the windows I have open. And I know, other browsers have had this for a while.

Here are some additional IE7 articles that are helpful and that I suggest reading.

—Jason Kozleski

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  1. jazzolog says:

    What about compatibility with Norton?  I haven’t been able to run a scan since I downloaded IE7.  

  2.  I have installed Internet Explorer 7, have been using it for 3 weeks now. I do not like it, pages will not load, and it is slower than dial-up. I am wondering, how do I go about uninstalling Internet Explorer 7, and go back to an earlier version?

                             Thank you,

                             Robert D Baker  

  3. Robert Spencer says:

    I am using IE 7 with Vista RC1, and I can’t help thinking that a lot of the features are copied from other browsers. RSS newsfeeds and tabbed browsing have been around in firefox since it was first introduced. The browser looks good though and I like it- much better than previous versions of IE.

    Still think its too little too late from Microsoft, who again are playing catchup (i’ve seen a lot of stuff in vista in other places as well)

  4. tichie says:

    i have just recently downloaded the IE7,so far it seems ok.but i dont seem to get the mail notifier to work.it is set up with my animated dog to let me know of new mail.i have not yet seen it & i had 2 new emails to my yahoo address.so do i need a animated flash player,if so where can i download it for free?

  5. Earl Gilbert says:

    Some features of Windows Media player no  longer work And musicmatch jukebox will no longer open w/ IE 7 installed.

    Is there a cure ?

  6. t reno says:

    I tried IE7 and thought it was ok, but you are not able to click on links in the email and go directly to the sight.  You have to copy and paste the URL. So I uninstalled IE7 until they fix that problem.  Otherwise I would continue to use it.

  7. Fred says:

    I should have known better than to download this browser! Every time I want to use it I have to return to all the default settings or it doen’t work which by no coincidence are Microsoft’s sites! Firefox 2.0 is working just fine.

  8. Anthony Asis says:

    Yes I lost all my toolbar in my laptop since I down load IE 7 How can I go back to what it was before. I try to unload but my laptop cant & I try every thing.

  9. Gwen Harper says:

    Help!  I have been using IE 7 for a long time now and I like it. However, I cannot get the file menu to come up anymore.  I cannot get history, favorites, etc.  I am at my wits end.

    Please help!


  10. Anne says:

    Quick Verse 2005 does not work properly when IE7 is loaded. When working properly, QV displays highlighted scripture passages when the mouse scolls over the link or clicking on the link opens the default Bible to that exact verse. With IE7, neither of these options work.

    I, too, find that links to websites arriving in email (Outlook Express)are blocked. URL’s must be copied and pasted instead.

  11. Phil Jerome says:

    I hate it!  I want the sliding favorites back. That feature was added to the old explorer because people didn’t like it being in the way or having to click so many buttons.

    Bring it back!

  12. Handicap-Girl says:

    If Microsoft fixed some of the bugs in this Browser I would consider re-installing this New Internet Exploer-7.

  13. Maybelline says:

    I just downloaded IE7 yesterday. Seems to be working fine, but pages upload much slower than IE6. Maybe some improvements could be done???

  14. Marcia Duffy says:

    Yahoo is my default email. I cannot use my Yahoo address book, attach files, or even send messages.  I have tried resetting a number of settings, but I cannot figure out what is causing this.

    Explorer 7 has isolated me. I would like to get rid of it and return to Explorer 6.  No, id do not want to make MSY outlook my default. I just want to be able to use Yahoo again.

  15. margo west says:

    well, i was going to download IE7, but after seeing all the remarks here I will wait till Microsoft has all the bugs out of it.  For now I will keep my handy and good working IE6.

  16. Donna says:

    I have had IE7 for a while now.  I like it fairly well, except for the fact that when I have multiple tabs open, I can’t close them without having to close the entire window.  Has anyone else had this problem???

  17. Chas says:

    To delete IE7 go to my computer, control panel,

    add/remove programes, check updates box, click on IE7,click remove. I have gone back to IE6, I prefer the old version, not only is it quicker, I have never had problems, (touch wood and cross my fingers.


  18. Charles says:

    I like the browser but I cannot sign into hotmail.. I cannot go into my email.. so I have been able to email anyone. except us Messanger.. It works fine.. I can not even get a new email address.. can not go into anysite of MSN.. so I am going to remove it.. hope they fix it because it has some nice features

  19. benjamin phelps says:

    Just another comment regarding MusicMatch (I have v7.10, with the Plus key installed).  It does NOT open at all with IE7 installed, as someone mentioned above.  I am a network administrator, and I have not been able to fix this problem so far with anything I’ve tried.  I haven’t had too much extra time to tinker with it, and to be honest, I’d rather not have to… I’ve spent WAY too much time getting my music library perfect for MM to have to switch to the newer version that incorporates Yahoo into it, as well as having to purchase another Plus key for it to have the features I need.  The newer version of MM won’t convert songs – it will only record in several formats (to my knowledge).  Bummer.  I have had several other glitches show up when IE7 was installed, so I rid my computer of it.  To answer anybody’s question about how to get rid of it, go to the Control Panel, and click on Add/Remove Programs.  It’s in the list (not Windows components – just the regular programs installed list).  Click on remove, and it will revert you after reboot to IE6.  If you have any IE6 problems then, you can go to Add/Remove Windows Components, and uncheck IE, and let it remove the program; then recheck it and let it do a new install.  You can then do any updates that you need to for it from MS Updates website, but your previously loaded updates SHOULD still be there.  Peace.

  20. Larry H. says:

    To answer your question about being able to close the tabs, there is a button to the left of the IE tabs that looks like four little square boxs.  If you click on that you will be able to see all of the windows that you have open and be able to select and close the ones you want to.

    I also think that the changes made in IE7 are good but just will take some getting used to.  Some one asked about the favorites option.  Those two little gold stars to the left are what you need in order to see your favorites links.

  21. Frank says:

    Think long and hard about IE7 … unless you know how to get things right if you decide you don’t like it?  Once installed it can be a montster to uninstall; and I have no idea where MS gets off in stating that comes with its own uninstaller.  It will remove it; but when I removed it I was left with no browser at all.  That’s my experience and I’d rather stick with what I know best … rather than go with the flow of what only MS know 😉  Fortune favors the brave it’s said; in my case it seemed fortune wasn’t on my side  F

  22. Raffi Kiraz says:

    I have downled Internet explorer 7. its cool and all, but internet explorer 6 is just so simple to use. this version is more "futuristic" and when windows vista comes out some time next year, i would not want to have it, sure i can try it, but again its too futuristic and i am not used to it.

    Thank you.

  23. Stig says:

    I downloaded IE 7, and it’s working. But a lot of functionality on my pc does not work with this browser. Apart from being really slow compared to IE 6, I have problems with:

    – Norton

    – Many sites using Ajax technology (e.g. the new Yahoo! mail).

    – Launching IE 7 from many popular applications like WinRAR, and Real

    – Problems with running webmail on MS Exchange Server (to think – a MS product!)

    – ZoneAlarm Firewall

    Just to name a few.

    MS can give you five reasons to upgrade. They are right in two out of five; it looks cool, and it saves paper. The rest of the features, you can get with IE 6 and e.g. Yahoo! Toolbar in a solid solution.

    My advise after many hours with pain and a clean install: Avoid IE 7. At least for now.

  24. Barb says:

    I downloaded IE7 with updates a couple of days ago and I love it.  At 61 yrs of age, I find it quite easy to use.  It doesn’t hang up any other programmes I use (i.e. norton).  I even have it on my desktop comp. & laptop at home.  Keep up the good work.  I am a happy camper!!

  25. Joel Borden says:

    Thanks for the clear instructions on how to remove IE 7 and revert to IE 6.  The new browser isn’t ready for prime time. Slower, failures, awkward, etc. etc.

  26. David says:

    It’s not bad…have only had it for a day though.  I can get to hotmail and am able to open links from e-mails but I have to ditch it.  My company only supports IE6 so so long for now.

  27. dj says:

    Have been using IE7 now for the past 3 days..is there something wrong with my system as I have not encountered any problems (touch wood).

    After reading all the above rechecked all that was said and all is working.

    I have found browsing much faster and streamlined.

  28. SCali says:

    For those of you looking for your old File,Edit,View,Favorites,Tools & Help bar all you need to do to get it is on your right side where it has the house,feeds printer,page then tools see the arrow next too tools going down click it the click menu bar that will get you back to what you are use too also anyone wanting there link bar up go to the same place the arrow next too tools then scroll down to toolbars and click links it will but your link bar up but you’ll have to drag it open and set it under the file,edit part if you still don’t understand where i’m talking about feel free to email me at b_b_hay@yahoo.com and I will tell you my yahoo IM id and will walk you thru it.

  29. Ted Pawlowski says:

    If you have problems with uninstalling IE7 there is another way. There is a provision i XP to restore the computer to earlier date i.e. prior to installation of the new browser. I have done it without loosing anything.

  30. Cheri Albers says:

    I have been using IE 7 for about one month now.  It has some very cool features such as the tabbed browsing which I like, however, I am having one major problem.  When I use my web based outlook email, I get a debugging window popping up and when I click to close the window and choose not to debug, my email and IE 7 shut down.  So, I have to use my Netscape browser to use my web based email package.  

  31. Lalin Henerson says:

    I cannot copy or paste anything into or out of yahoo now…anybody else having this problem..and yes, it is much closer.

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