Top 3 features in IE 7 Beta 2

I've been using Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 for about a month. I really like it. If you're using an earlier version of IE now, I suggest you give IE 7 Beta 2 a try. Sure, it's a beta—but I haven't yet had any reliability problems with it at work or at home. Not only is it cool, but it has some great new features that make browsing easier.

Here are my favorite things about using IE 7 Beta 2:

  1. Tabbed Browsing
    The new Tabbed Browsing gives a much cleaner interface to navigate through multiple pages and a clearer view of what Web pages I have open. It significantly reduces the number of windows I have open to clutter my desktop. Another nice thing about tabs is that the page is already loaded. Click the tab and the page is there. That's a big plus to the 20 percent of you who are still using a dial-up connection.

    In addition, I like using Quick Tabs, which gives a thumbnail view of up to 20 open tabs at once. I find this really useful when I'm doing research at work and have 10 – 15 windows open at once.

  2. Better printing features
    It's strange to get excited about something as simple as printing, but I can't tell you the number of times I've printed out a Web page only to have the right side cut short. IE 7 Beta 2 includes a printing feature that automatically reduces the page to fit on the page.

    In addition, from Print Preview, you can do a host of things to make sure you print out exactly what you need. You can:

    • Adjust Web page margins
    • Change the page layout
    • Remove headers and footers
    • Increase or decrease the print space

  3. Easier RSS feeds
    RSS feeds have always been a little elusive to me. Having to use yet another tool to access my feeds makes it hard to check them habitually. With IE 7 Beta 2, you can view your feeds right from your browser.

    After subscribing to a feed, you can come back to the page later by opening your Favorites Center. All your feeds are displayed, without having to go to another tool. Now you can read news when it arrives and click headline links to get the complete Web page.

There are some other pretty cool features in this browser. I do recommend you try IE 7 Beta 2. Once you have, let us know what you think.

—Jason Kozleski

Comments (40)

  1. frank zdunek says:

    i was told that beacause i have media center

    ie 7 is not available to download.

    is this the situation? do you know when  it will be available?

  2. Edmund Singleton says:

    I cannot get IE 7 Beta to remmember some of my subscribed log ins I have to enter pass words again and again.

  3. amj2006 says:

    well, compare it with the AVANT browser and tell us what do you think of it…..

  4. Gary Gooding says:

    The top three features article was very interesting. I am tempted to try the IE7 Beta version but still a little leery of trying a new browser version.

    Gary Gooding

  5. Eldon Martin says:

    IE7 Beta 2 is a lightyears ahead of the older versions of IE. I had almost given up on IE for Netscape when this, and many other new programs have been coming out of Redmond that seem to be a rekindling of that old Microsoft spirit that brought the world out of the stubby pencil days and into the beginnings of the modern digital experience. There are a LOT of really neat programs making their debuts that are quantum leaps in the area of personal computing. These are really slick programs that smack of the polished performance of professional business programs like SAP that have similar power applied to everyday productivity and play that make everyone’s day a little brighter, easier, and more fun.

    I don’t mean to sound so much like a commercial for Microsoft products, and I swear on all that is sacred to me that I am not an employee or affiliated in any way with Microsoft. But I get kind of excited when I think of how much I have appreciated most of the OS upgrades that have come along the road from 3.1 to XP Professional, all of the consistently better versions of Office that have not only kept in step with our needs but anticipated and met many of them before we even asked, and a slew of totally new areas Microsoft has branched out into from mapping software to virus/spyware to optimization to backup to the greatest entertainment, media, and games stuff I’ve ever seen. Have any of you tried the Windows Media Player 11 Beta that’s out now? It is FANTASTIC!

    I’m hoping for the day I can get nearly all of the programs to meet my needs from one source, THE source, Microsoft. I used to load up my machine with a lot of other junk that was advertised to do great things and even had wonderful reviews, but in the end, my computer just slowed to a crawl and performance went into the toilet. After I finally learned to keep it simple and only load the things I really need and use, and made sure as many of them were Microsoft products, the negative performance issues went away. Compatibility is essential, and nobody makes stuff that works together better than the original source of digital magic.

    There are a lot of people out there who feel differently, and spew their venom about Microsoft to any who will listen. It got to the point that I felt it had become the national pastime of the bored, homebound legions! But I find there are also always a few die-hard fans intermingled with them to keep the discussions a little bit more honest.

    Microsoft brought the world out of the dark ages and into the next millennium of home computing both literally and figuratively. You can use all of those "also rans" if you want, but I’m sticking with the world champions myself.

    Thank you for the wonderful display of some of IE 7 Beta 2’s greatest features!


    Eldon Martin

  6. Ron says:

    Where is the email icon?

    What no Outlook Express !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Hello ,  I have a problem with this IE7..  Once I had downloaded your IE 7 Beta Srv 2 for my Window Xp everything was okay I follow the guideline and then once I restarted my computer,  I went to my icon on my desktop that is for me to get into my internet and the website would start to load up then all of a sudden it shuts down..  I cannot even be able to use it then I had to uninstall it and used the old version and pls help me out to see what I can do so that I am able to use the new IE 7… Thank You,  Stephanie

  8. ted sala says:

    since i have downloaded this IE i have nothing but trouble with it and had otheres having the same thing pages freezing IE not working its just one big headake

  9. H. Kessels says:

    I removed it because it does not work with my Dutch internet radio anymore.

    Same holds for WMP 11 beta.

    Pitty, cos they look cool but being Dutch living abroad I cant do without my radio.

  10. I have tried IE7 Beta 2 for a short time, but if this is the direction of IE I will be looking for something else.  I could not find any way to add a link to my email.  I did not like the tab setup and the space lost with it. The Task Bar setup has worked well for years because it will get out of view when not needed. I would want the largest view of web page possible with the header and footers out of site until needed. The other changes I can deal with, but you really need to change the header setup.  jms

  11. Andy Lambert says:

    I hate the tabbed browsing. There is no room left to view the darn open window. Too much real estate being taken up on my desktop.

    Also, no outlook express link??? Why was that removed? Doesn’t make any sense.

    I ended up deleted it and going back to my old reliable version. When they come up with a way to give me more valuable real estate on my desktop and (especially) bring back the email link, I will try it again.

  12. Jez says:

    I have downloaded IE7 countless times and I have the same problem everytime… it locks and freezes, especially when ther are more than two tabs open. I have reformed and re-installed my hard drive (not because of IE7 but for other reasons) but still keep getting the same problems. Further, when it freezes, it stops your downloads and my PC wont ever shut down because IE7  is still running in the background… I have to use task manager to shut ut down every time… I just got fed-up with it and have removed it from my system.

    The tabs idea is an excellent one ad yes there are nice features but the tabs are rubbish… they are splashed out all over the place… Also the have to switch toolbars to a ‘Classic’ feature is just not right for me.

    Opera is by far one of the best, and as per tests with PC PRO, the safest to use.

    It’s understandable that this is ‘beta’ software and should be treated as such but I have downloaded Office 2007 beta and that has reportable software where you can send the great things about it and the bad things about it in order to offer contructive feedback… there is nothing obvious like this in IE7. You have to trail throgh the internet to report bugs… feedback option for IE7 is very poor.

    I won’t bother until IE7 has gone beyond the beta stage and hopefully the creases have been ironed out!

  13. Rob Caffery says:

    IE7 Beta 2 is definitely far far better than IE, for sure…it’s still not quite where Maxthon is, however. Two things IE7 needs soon as possible:

    1- Ability to scroll tabs using mouse wheel

    2- Ability to doubleclick on tab to close it

  14. king says:

    freezes often, who needs that? stick w ie 6 ubtil officak release of ie 7

  15. Robert says:

    I have tried IE7 and what can I say, it works great.

  16. Mohammed Saleem says:

    After downloading IE7Beta2 I am unable to use Outlook Express?

  17. billie says:

    My tools menu tab does not work and neither does my add bookmarks tab!

  18. chris mancil says:

    ie7 is way too slow i like using the opera browser better because its much faster and gives you the option of saving passwords u could downlaod it at

  19. Paun Narcis says:

    I did not like the tab setup; I hate the new toolbars. Also it seems to much lost space.

  20. willa says:

    Very needed information found here, thank you for your work

  21. Whocares says:

    IE7 is looking ok so far…although I am waiting for it to "blow-up".

    I would like to note that Outlook and Outlook Express will no longer send/receive email for Hotmail accounts.

    It seems that the OE team is seperate from the IE team…and have to be the ones to resolve the issue…that to me is as silly as an automobile manufacturer that builds a car at one plant in which the engine (built at another plant) doesnt work in…Me be thinkin that MS Corporate Brass should be asking some questions of the department heads at the IE7 R&D division.

    If a resolve has not been defined within a week, I will uninstall and simply use another product offered by the competition, as I will not survive without easy all-in-one access to my various e-mail accounts.

  22. Dave Hill says:

    I like it.  The tabs I like for comparision shopping, etc.. I do use the ‘Classic Menu’ option. I like the History and Favorites selection.  I have occasional freeze-up. It works well with Robo-Form.

  23. Mike says:

    Opera and Maxthon are much better then IE.

  24. Aleksander Shilling says:

    Internet Explorer 7 is the best brower around! I can’t find any faults and it is definitely my favourite browser. However, your information is out of date. The newest version is Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3.

  25. Jerry says:

    Uhm? Firefox had this all for years now??!? And its OpenSource!

  26. Ryan says:

    I have been using Firefox for years now and have been so impressed with the new IE7 that I’ve left Firefox for good.  No longer do I have to constantly switch between IE and Firefox because programs won’t run.  Well done Microsoft!

  27. Gordon says:

    IE 7 Beta 2 is OK for the most part though my bank does not recognize it for internet banking puposes.  Thus I dumped it.  I use Firefox.

  28. bajoe says:

    IE7 beta 3 is by far the best browser out there. I have used them all and I’m currently running Firefox2 beta 2. MS still does it better.  

  29. Matty says:

    I like how F11 frees the whole screen for viewing… yes even the annoying buttons at the top. Also some web-based games are larger than the screen, the size adjustment provides an easy, quick solution. It’s the little things that count =D

  30. jjd says:

    i enjoy Ie7’s compact look, tabs works well, it would be helpful if it was in-sync with email.  so what’s next?

  31. Garry says:

    This could not have been written any better. This is a perfect post to refer people to that want to learn more about IE7. This post along with a post that talks more about the security of IE7 would make a perfect IE7 reference/info tool. Many people are mislead into using other Internet browsers which are said to be more secure, stable, etc… I am an example. However, luckly I broke free from that and I am now (again) a regular and dedicated IE user. IE7 rocks, its the bomb, it’s the perfect Internet web browser… save your favorites and now save your favorite Rss Feeds! 🙂

  32. mauvehaze says:

    When I first open it up the buttons for faves and adding faves aren’t there. i close it and open it again and there they are!!! Does anyone know how to have them showing on the first go???
    I can’t do my internet banking on this browser. I have to use Mozilla!

  33. Jacob Philip says:

    I have the same problem with IE 7 (RC 1) freezing up all the time. It freezes up when I click on links, sometimes even when left idle for some time. I think it has something to do with Java and Javascript. I uninstalled IE 7 and and IE 6 which was working perfectly started showing the same symptoms. I was not able to close the browser normally even once, had to force it to close from Task Manager all the time. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Java VM but I couldn’t do it anymore. I had to restore my computer back to the original factory settings two times (good thing the PC was brand new).

    Is it the good old problem of IE messing with Sun Java?

  34. I don’t condone downloading and installing random programs just to try them. That’s a great way to expose

  35. I liked using IE 7 Beta 2 & Beta 3 versions.but i have faced a lot of trouble,firstly my widows XP is genuine then also i couldn’t simply change my homepage.Although i can put any homepage name in the address bar but when i open my browser it connects to microsoft as "customize your settings" well this banner uses to appear firstly but no its appearing almost most of the time when i open my browser.henceforth putting any homepage name is useless.thereafter i have used IE 7 RC1 then also it did’t worked.but earlier when i was using IE 6 i did’nt faced this problem.Plz. help me out Microsoft Team by sending me mail through the above address.I live in India and here many are users of non-genuine windows,most of the users don’t even upgrade their versions.Cause there are full of pirated users.But man iam not non-genuine user then why iam facing this problem.Plz. help!!!

  36. Jiimy says:

    so i’ve been using IE7 5730.11 for a month or 2.  i love using the "open in new tab" feature.

    but now for some reason it is not available, even tho it is selected as "enabled" on my Internet Options.  

    any one else have that happen?

    i’m thinking of doing a system restore to last week wheni know it was working.  

  37. tanglewood03 says:

    I just started using IE ver 7. It looks like there’s a war going on between Google and IE over the toolbar/menu bar/command bar. I like the Google tool bar for it’s quick search, pop-ups blocked counter, desktop search, etc. Now IE ver 7 has used up valuable screen real estate by adding a search block of their own. Why do we still have a menu bar option? The options seem to be duplicated in the new favorites line. If we have the Google pop-up blocker turned on, I would think it would be inefficient to leave the same feature on in IE. I am sure there is a lot more duplication that I haven’t noticed yet.  

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