50 New Silverlight Screencasts – Short and Snappy

I haven’t seen these training videos receive nearly the coverage they deserve, so I wanted to try and “bump” them onto the radar. My erstwhile UK colleagues Mike Taulty and Mike Ormond have been hard at work over the last few weeks recording an amazing series of Silverlight 2 training screencasts. All free for the…


Uploading Silverlight 2 Content to Silverlight Streaming

Following on very nicely from my last post on deploying Silverlight content to your own production server, I’m pleased to announce that Silverlight Streaming has added full support for Silverlight 2 applications. As well as adding the basic support, the team have put a lot of work into simplifying the process of uploading and validating…


Configuring a Web Server to Host Silverlight Content

Deploying Silverlight content to a production web server is a pretty easy process. Despite occasional misconception, Silverlight doesn’t require a Microsoft-based web server: Apache can host up Silverlight content just as happily as IIS. But there’s one little gotcha: web servers are typically configured to only serve up a limited set of known file extensions…


Video.Show 1.0 Released to Web

After three public preview releases, I’m proud to announce the final version of Video.Show, a ready-to-run solution for hosting video content on the web! You might be interested in Video.Show if: Your company or school wants to distribute e-learning or educational content over the web for internal or external access; You’re creating the next YouTube-style…


Video.Show Update: 1.0 Release Candidate Now LIve

You may be pleased to know that we’ve just updated Video.Show with a bunch of changes. The 1.0 Release Candidate build is now available for your downloading pleasure from Codeplex. If you haven’t seen Video.Show before, I’d encourage you to check it out. Vertigo (the company who we commissioned to build this) have a great…


Introducing Video.Show: A Silverlight Reference-quality Sample

One of the favorite things about my job is being able to share really cool new content with you all, and so today is a good day to end the week on! Since we completed the Family.Show WPF reference sample, we’ve been working away in partnership with a great developer team from Vertigo Software on…


A Silverlight Greetings Card

Thanks to Adam Kinney (again!) for this awesome Halloween greetings card, brought to you by Silverlight and Silverlight Streaming. The full source code can be found on Adam’s blog.


How to Embed Silverlight Content in Almost Any Web Page

Catherine Heller has written up a great post that describes a new feature in Silverlight Streaming. Having uploaded a Silverlight application to the Silverlight Streaming service, you can now embed it in any web page as an <iframe>. If you want to include a cool Silverlight gadget on your blog, but your blog engine doesn’t…


Demo: The Power of Silverlight Video

As we were pretty explicit in declaring at the MIX conference last month, one of the key scenarios for Silverlight 1.0 is delivering rich video experiences. But since the word “rich” is something of a cliché in the web world, I wanted to give a small example of what this means in reality. To include a…


Hours of Free Training on Expression Blend and Design

Arturo Toledo (one of our ace designers) posted a reminder on an internal email list that lynda.com have heaps of free training on Expression Blend and Expression Design available as screencasts. The Expression Blend material is presented by Lee Brimelow (author of the well known blog thewpfblog.com) and progresses through from a basic overview of…