What Can YOU Do with 10K of Silverlight or WPF Code?

A lot, it turns out. Some long-time readers may remember my post of a year or two back where I set a fun little challenge to test what could be accomplished with just a single element of XAML. In the preparation for MIX09, the team created a competition that offered slightly more room for creativity,…


Great WPF Applications #17: HP Interactive Canvas

Kapow! Shazam! Zing! Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet drove in hard with a right hook last week, referencing my recently-returned-from-hiatus series of great WPF applications and asking why Windows Vista didn’t have more killer applications. As one of her correspondents notes, and even Wikipedia highlights, the notion of a killer application is both rare and…


Great WPF Applications #16: Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

It’s time for me to reboot this series that showcases great applications built on WPF. I left it on hiatus for some months because I felt that the point had been well made, but it’s probably time to pick it up again, not least because there’s a swathe of cool WPF applications out there that…


Great WPF Applications #15: Microsoft Indexing Service

[Update: Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone! For the avoidance of doubt, this was a hoax…] At the start of a new month, it’s time for me to unveil a stunning example of how WPF can be used not just for dynamic, immersive user experiences, but also for even mission-critical services like the indexing engine that sits at…


Great WPF Applications #14: Zurich Airport

From the beautiful city of Zürich in Switzerland comes this great example of how WPF makes data visualization a snap. In the scenario we’re looking at here, the airport wanted a way to be able to track and manage flight operations. I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation of waiting at the airport to collect…


Great WPF Applications #13: Pass

Let’s say for a moment that you’re a small business trader that needs to be able to receive payments both over the Internet and as point-of-sale transactions. You need a way to be able to handle expenses, manage accounts receivable and generally keep track of your cashflow. You probably even need a way to handle…


Great WPF Applications #12: Roxio Central

I’m hoping that by now, you’re starting to get a sense for the range and breadth of real-world WPF development that is going on in all parts of the industry. We’ve just scratched the surface here: there are many hundreds of WPF development projects underway based on statistics from just our ISV early adopter programs….


Great WPF Applications #11: Areva e-terravision

I’ve been trying with this series to satisfy the desire we all have for instant gratification by including plenty of applications that you can download and try out with just a couple of clicks. But of course, not every application fits into that category: there’s a number of really important WPF applications that have more…


Great WPF Applications #10: Daily Mail, Seattle P-I, forbes.com, New York Times

I’ve been holding off from highlighting the New York Times Reader as one of the applications in my portfolio for a few weeks, even though it clearly is a polished example of how WPF can transform user experience. Today, we can finally reveal one more little secret, with the announcement of three more amazing news…


Great WPF Applications #9: Scripps Institute Cancer Research

I’m behind on my write-ups of great WPF applications, and they’re stacking up. Sorry! The next application I want to feature is one that has real purpose, in that it’s being used by medical researchers at the Scripps Institute who are working on potential treatments for cancer. The Collaborative Molecular Environment application is built entirely…