Silverlight Rehab

Just loved the team’s latest Silverlight video. Props to Adam, Laura, Nic, Monica, Dan, Scott and Tina.


Off-Topic: Tipping in Las Vegas

A confession: I’m really bad at tipping. It’s not that I’m deliberately ungenerous, but simply that I never know how much to give. The UK isn’t really a nation for tips: outside of restaurants, it’s not something that’s particularly expected, which means that here in the US I’m a complete novice at the art. The…


Google, Share Prices and Ads

Seeing Google announce quarterly earnings nearly triple their results for the same quarter of last year (they now have an annual revenue of $10 billion, almost entirely from selling ads), it suddenly occurred to me that I have never once deliberately clicked on one of their ads. Sure, I see them often enough, and every once in a…