Silverlight UK User Group: Inaugural Meeting April 2nd

The jolly chaps at Conchango are setting up a user group in London to focus on Silverlight, and the first meeting is tomorrow! By chance I'm actually in the UK right now on something of a customer tour, so I plan to be there myself and give a bit of a status update on Silverlight 2 and WPF. Should be a fun evening - pizza and beer is provided, and the event kicks off at 6:30pm.

Full details and registration information are on the Facebook event site or on one of the Conchango blogs. If you're working in London, why not head over to London Bridge and come and say hi?

Comments (2)

  1. Mark HB says:

    Great seeing you again Tim!   That was a lot of fun.

  2. Tim Sneath says:

    The videos are now posted online, thanks to Michelle Flynn from Conchango:

    Thanks for a great evening – was great to see so many of you there!


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