Public Service Announcement: MIX08

MIX08 Just wanted to remind folk to register for MIX08! Registrations are coming in thick and fast, and last year we sold out unexpectedly quickly, leaving a whole bunch of folk battering down the doors to try and figure out ways to get an exception granted. The fire marshals impose strict limits on attendance (the importance of which was brought home by the recent Monte Carlo Hotel fire).

Scott Guthrie has just trailed some of the announcements from MIX08 in the second part of a Channel 9 interview, but there's a huge quantity and depth of content that we're holding back for the conference. Of course, you'll be able to download all the software we release after the event even if you're not physically there, but you'll miss all the ancillary activities and depth content that makes an event like this worthwhile.

Hope to see some of you there!

Comments (2)

  1. I live/work in Las Vegas, but I am having a hard time trying to foot the registration fees for Mix.  I noticed the restyle Mix website contest to win admission, but as luck would have it, I think I’m better with wpf/code than with web design.

    Are there any other methods for winning admission that I could take a crack at?  The Flotzam redesign contest looks to be good, but the prize is an Xbox 360, not admission to the mix party.

    Hate to miss the event seeing as it’s in my back yard!


  2. Hi Tim

    I’m booked 😉 Not seen you for ages (since you left the UK in fact!) so be good to catch if you have 5…

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