Video.Show Update: 1.0 Release Candidate Now LIve

You may be pleased to know that we've just updated Video.Show with a bunch of changes. The 1.0 Release Candidate build is now available for your downloading pleasure from Codeplex.

If you haven't seen Video.Show before, I'd encourage you to check it out. Vertigo (the company who we commissioned to build this) have a great web-site with further information and plenty of screenshots.

Notable changes in the RC build include:

  • Role management, allowing for hosted installations in which new users do not have upload rights. Users now fall into one of three categories: untrusted users (who can create comments but aren't able to upload videos); trusted users (who also have the "upload user" right), and an administrator role (who can manage other users' roles). This is built using the ASP.NET Membership technology.
  • Basic debugging information is written to the database when video processing (encode, upload to Silverlight Streaming) fails. This is an interim solution; we have longer-term plans to provide an upload status screen where video uploaders can see where their video is in the queue, cancel it and/or see any errors that have occurred during conversion.
  • General code cleanup, commenting, and bug fixes. The codebase is getting significantly more polished; by the next release, we'll have some solid documentation that describes the layout of the application and the workflow needed to put it into production.

We're close to releasing this as a production-quality sample. We're currently doing a security audit on the code to make sure there aren't any nasty SQL injection-type issues. As mentioned above, we're also working on some documentation and other pieces; we're doing some componentization work to make it easier to swap various pieces out (e.g. to replace the Silverlight Streaming hosting with a local IIS / Windows Media Server-based hosting model). What else should we be doing? Any of you have plans to use this? Tell us what we're missing!

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Noticed a slight bug – haven’t looked at the source yet to see why, but the menu buttons lose their right edge when you roll over the left edge. If you hover over the middle, it’s fine, but as you roll to the left, the right edge will disappear (loses its rounded corners). Just wanted to let someone know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just returned from a trip to Redmond, where I had a chance to sit down with (literally) a dozen people

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tim,

    will it be possible to attach the authentication mechanism to an existing aspnetdb environment from one of the starterkits ?


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