Windows Survey on Deploying and Configuring Applications

Windows logo As we plan the next release of Windows (turns out that Windows Vista wasn't the last release of Windows as we know it!), we're trying to better understand how folk are using our deployment and configuration technologies. If you've got twenty minutes to spare and are interested in helping the Windows team understand your experiences in this area, we'd love to hear your feedback. Here's the full request:

The Windows Application Platform product team would like your feedback to make the management and deployment of applications you develop for Windows better. By filling out this survey you will also have the opportunity of winning a $200 credit towards the discounted software at the on-line Microsoft company store (one respondent will be selected at random for the prize).

This survey has questions as to how the applications you create are deployed and managed (e.g. installation, stability, performance, etc). Your feedback will help us identify which activities are important to you and highlight areas for improvement.

If you're interested, the survey is here. Thanks in advance!

Comments (1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    No no no. A survey won’t help.

    You guys are so on the wrong track with installation technology that it isn’t even funny. The situation has improved over the years mostly through friendlier tools and simpler development models (avoiding shared DLLs) but we the poor users still run into a problems from time to time and digging out of them is sometimes harder that simply repaving the laptop.

    There are exactly four problems you are dealing with:

    1. Component setup.

    2. Component cleanup.

    3. Per-machine and per-user data.

    4. Versioning and dependencies.

    All of these have a fairly simple architectural solution. You can solve all of them with a simple subsystem that will be available on all Windows boxes.

    Here’s a fundamental test that you guys can use to see if you found the right solution: Say you have a Windows box with a shitload of 3rd party software you know nothing about. Then you build a new windows box. Is it trivial to move selected applications together with their data to a new box?

    The current free-for-all architectural mess won’t let you do that.


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