A Silverlight Greetings Card

Thanks to Adam Kinney (again!) for this awesome Halloween greetings card, brought to you by Silverlight and Silverlight Streaming. The full source code can be found on Adam’s blog.


Optimizing the Silverlight Install Experience

Adam Kinney wrote a good blog entry last week on the importance for site authors of considering the first-time experience of a visitor. I guess most readers of this blog have Silverlight installed today, but at least in these first months as we focus on getting the plug-in broadly deployed, it’s particularly important that site…


Attend the WPF Virtual Bootcamp – no need to register!

People frequently ask me how they can learn WPF quickly. Now the technology has been on the market for a while, there are a number of different choices: books from the likes of Petzold, Moroney, Nathan, MacDonald, Anderson and Sells/Griffiths, classroom training from companies like Pluralsight, Wintellect, Developmentor and IdentityMine, and online tutorials like those…


Silverlight 1.0 Issue Resolution Lab: November 2007

A couple of months ago, we conducted an experiment where we offered our lab facilities and technical resources here in Redmond to companies building Silverlight sites or applications that wanted assistance in resolving issues. We were really delighted with the results of this venture; we saw some great Silverlight projects and found a few key…


Has Obama Declared for Silverlight?

As a great example of what you can do today with Silverlight 1.0, I thought I’d bring this sample application, developed by Novera Consulting, to everyone’s attention. I first met up with these guys when they responded to my invitation to attend a Silverlight issue-resolution lab that we ran a couple of months ago. In…


The Zero-Effort Guide to Preparing a Great WPF Presentation

A couple of months ago, I posted a couple of presentations on Silverlight, with the intention of making it easy for others to liberally borrow content for their own internal or external presentations on the subject. They seemed to go down pretty well if the number of blog post views is to be believed. But…