Silverlight 1.0 – The Release

As I imagine almost every reader of this blog knows, yesterday we released the final version of Silverlight 1.0. It's an appropriate time to congratulate the ~100 people involved in building this first milestone in what will undoubtedly be a long journey for us.

A hidden secret - we were actually done ahead of our internal schedule: the final RC build that has been live for the last ten days really was the final release, a rare case of where a release candidate truly was a candidate for release. You've got the final version if when you right-click on a Silverlight application and choose Silverlight Configuration, the version number displayed is 1.0.20816.0. If you have an older version, it should auto-update automatically, but you can of course kick-start the upgrade simply by downloading and installing the final version over the top of an existing release.

If you go to in the next eighteen hours or so, you'll see that the main front page feature is a Silverlight-based promo for Microsoft Surface, an innovative new piece of hardware for "table-top user experiences" that runs WPF. While being a great demo of Silverlight, the feature is just the start - expect to see us use Silverlight extensively on our properties over the coming twelve months, as the Halo 3 videos and the MSN Election 08 site also demonstrate. With some independent estimates showing that Microsoft-owned properties touch as much as two-thirds of the Internet community over the course of a year, to say nothing of the many external sites like HSN, Terra, WWE, MLB, and Entertainment Tonight who have already launched Silverlight-based sites, we expect to see Silverlight become popular quickly.

More over the next couple of days, of course...

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  1. Congrats Tim!  I can’t tell you how important it is for you and the evangelist team to keep steering the conversation in the marketplace.  There is a ton of interest out there it’s all of our jobs to help give clear and concise answers and direction.

  2. Gill Cleeren says:

    That really explains why I didn’t get it to upgrade yesterday.

    Does the September Alpha refresh also contain the final version of 1.0 now too?

  3. Gill Cleeren says:

    In reply to the intro: the intro is very well made, however, I do feel a bit dissapointed that the actual site on Surface was not created in Silverlight. Any reason why that is?

  4. Test says:

    As I imagine almost every reader of this blog knows, yesterday we released the final version of Silverlight

  5. Kevin Tunis says:


    How do you embed a Silverlight banner into a aspx or master page?

  6. Jordan Bortz says:

    Congratulations to the Silverlight Team!  This has been a day long awaited by developers everywhere and glad to see that there is finally a release so clients can begin pushing Silverlight apps out to production sites…

    Jordan Bortz

  7. Many many Congratulations  to Silverlight development team, Now we will be using silverlight for commercial application development.. Thanks for providing unique unequal product.

    Shirish Namdeo

    Elensoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  8. Dan Dobbs says:

    Do you know if the Points Collection for Polygons is now working (readable from code) in the new 1.0 release?

  9. Nicke says:

    Silverlight 1.0 (or Silverlight 1.1 Alpha) – I have tried both – doesn’t work in my Internet Explorer 7. I’m using an English version of Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit. But it works without problems in Firefox 2.0. Why could this be? Does anybody have a clue? Please e-mail me if you think you know a possible solution. Thank you!

  10. Good article on Silverlight by Shawn Wildermuth (Microsoft MVP) called “10 Things You Should Know About Microsoft’s Silverlight”. It’s very balanced and particularly informative, so I’d encourage you to check it out:

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