The 100th WPF Channel 9 Video: KevinButton on WPF 3.5

I see on the Channel 9 home page that we've hit the milestone of one hundred videos posted on WPF/Avalon. The latest video is one of my favorites so far - the ever-entertaining Kevin Moore (of KevinButton and Bag'o'Tricks fame) talking about and demonstrating all the new innovations in WPF 3.5. (For a potted summary for those with a low attention span, this blog post contains some of the highlights.)

It's interesting to go back to some of the earlier Channel 9 videos on Avalon to see some of the changes and (oops) schedule slips. Unfortunately, some of the older videos look like they've been archived, which is a great pity. We should get them up on MSN Soapbox or somewhere for posterity's sake, at least. It's fun to now be talking about the second release (shipping at the same time as Visual Studio 2008), and I'm looking forward to talking about the release after that before very long now (one of the things I'm spending a fair amount of time on right now). WPF has a rosy future ahead of it...

Comments (5)

  1. Joku says:

    Since Managed DirectX was buried to pave way for the XNA which goes lock step with the Xbox, there’s legitimate need for something between these areas.

    Thus I hope that either some kind of new solution will present itself or that the WPF UI could be overlaid/alphablended with a DirectX/XNA viewport behind it. I don’t want to implement font rendering scalable to multiple resolutions or tricky UI code etc. This is a roadblock to both using XNA or WPF. Also the CCR features should be built into C# not in some adhoc library.

  2. Tim Sneath says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Joku.

    CCR – do you mean the Co-ordination and Concurrency Runtime?

  3. Ivolved says:

    "rosy" future cute.

  4. Hey Tim, those videos will come back online in the near future. We had to remove some of the oldest ones, but we still have them and we will be posting them all online as soon as we work out the right place to put them 🙂

  5. John says:

    Hello, thanks for nice video, but is wpf team also focusing on poor text rendering in current version (see or )

    and also very long application startup times – native or winforms (warm start) application starts immedietaly but WPF application with single empty window need about 1 second to start (warm start again). cold start is very very long and i just want to know – if .NET should be integral part of Windows why not to preload WPF assemblies on Windows startup?

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