Some Great Silverlight Controls

The Silverlight 1.1 alpha bits don't currently have much in the way of controls. The infrastructure is there (you can derive from System.Windows.Control, for instance), and we include a few early sample controls (button, slider and so on, including source code) with the SDK, but the full set of controls won't come until the next public release.

controls In the meantime, Tim Heuer pointed me at an interesting set of controls that have been developed by an organization called NETiKA Technologies. If you go to this demo page, you'll see that they've somehow taken a pretty broad set of Windows Forms controls and implemented them for Silverlight (and Flash). Or at least, I think that's what they've done. It's not entirely clear what's going on under the covers here, since the code you write starts off as a Windows Forms application that the toolkit cross-compiles to Silverlight.

The demos are pretty impressive - a little slow (it is alpha code running on alpha code, to be fair), but particularly the designer demo is a great example of the RIA experiences you'll be able to build and run on Silverlight. Another couple of weeks' work, and this demo could be a real web-based Silverlight IDE in its own right!

In other Tim Heuer news (!), he took the ad overlay screencast I recorded on Wednesday as inspiration for a follow-up Silverlight screencast on triggering events through video markers. Worth a look.

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  1. psclil says:

    I would rather different controls…

    the winform state is not one to be imitated

    in my opinion people should want to achieve an integrated as in winforms experience, but free like the web experience.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, I press a button and the text and image stay on exactly the same plane whilst the background image changes a bit? How 1996 ‘non-UI-designer-intuitive’ is that!

    I’m becoming SO bored with all this learn-something-new-because-we-say-it’s-wonderful stuff which is struggling to drag us back to the early days of Java’s Tic-Tac-Toe demos.

    $10K to anyone who can replicate ALL of the functionality of our iMunch RIA app by end-July 2007:

    Dr Sneath, please adjudicate.

  3. Anonymous says:

    "$10K to anyone who can replicate ALL of the functionality of our iMunch RIA app by end-July 2007"

    Hhhmm, just to qualify that off-the-cuff Saturday night abuse of your comments slightly, that would be $10K to the FIRST person to precisely replicate all of iMunch’s functionality in any other RIA framework by end-July 2007.

    Yes we will accept a WPF-based replica, but an attempt in Adobe’s AIR would also be interesting.

    As your starter for 10 you’ll find the whole source for iMunch here:

  4. Anonymous says:

    The team has been obscenely busy shipping Silverlight v1.0 and working on Silverlight v1.1 so I haven’t

  5. Anonymous says:

    Silverlight Cream for June 27, 2007 Plus Scott Guthrie/Stefan Schackow in Phoenix June 27 — tomorrow!

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’s right. There’s already a lot of innovation around Silverlight. And I’m not talking about Silverlight

  7. Anonymous says:

    ComponentOne has launched a Demo of Silverlight controls in their Silverlight Toolset! Check it out here:

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