Hours of Free Training on Expression Blend and Design

Arturo Toledo (one of our ace designers) posted a reminder on an internal email list that lynda.com have heaps of free training on Expression Blend and Expression Design available as screencasts.

The Expression Blend material is presented by Lee Brimelow (author of the well known blog thewpfblog.com) and progresses through from a basic overview of the tool to specific techniques for dealing with text, animation, 3D, media, layout, controls and data. There's just over sixty individual nuggets - Dr Sneath prescribes that you take two a day for a month and you'll feel great!

I haven't looked so closely at the Expression Design material, but it's similarly comprehensive if the syllabus is to be believed. Ted LoCascio is the author of the six and a half hours of material available here.

They also have paid-for material on many other topics, including Expression Web. My only frustration is that they missed a trick by producing the material in QuickTime format. Hopefully they'll see the light, install Expression Media Encoder and transcode these to Silverlight, at which point they can make them available via Silverlight Streaming and save a bundle in bandwidth costs!

More free training coming soon... keep an eye on the blog for details.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Foothill College is offering what we believe to be the first college level class in Expression Blend anywhere.  This class is available both online or in a traditional face to face format (northern California).    We also have a class in WPF which in the summer term will be in its third generation.  

    For details on these classes and on our broad selection of .NET related classes (C#), see http://www.schrotenboer.com/foothill/csharp.htm

    The next cycle of classes begin on July 2nd.

    Lee’s videos are terrific, by the way.  

  2. Anonymous says:

    Silverlight Cream for June 8, 2007

  3. Anonymous says:

    I traveled most of the week so did not blog … from the blogs, I read here are some of my ‘faves’ for

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