Silverlight in the UK and Ireland…

Sorry - I temporarily fell off the blogging wagon. It's tough to keep it going - there's always new stuff to blog about, but finding the time to write and polish is more challenging. It's been a busy month with all the follow-up from MIX, a brief vacation, preparation for a European tour and lots of planning for our next financial year - it's a weak excuse, but I just got out of the rhythm. Anyway, I've got a whole heap of cool material queued up now and ready to post, so I'll start to push that out over the next few days.

Anyway, I'm now in Europe for a couple of weeks, talking to customers and presenting Silverlight at a few different events. As I write this, I'm in Madrid, presenting at a local MIX-style event (given my background, there's a certain irony in that today my session was competing against the WPF session in the same time slot for developers).

On Thursday June 7th, I'm in Dublin speaking at the Irish Microsoft Technologies Conference. I'll be delivering two sessions there, both on Silverlight - one focused on usage from JavaScript, the other focused on the .NET aspects. The week after, I'm in the UK; if you're within traveling distance of London, you'll find me at the London .NET User Group on June 14th, where I'll be presenting two hours on Silverlight and WPF; the day before, I'll be in the Reading area presenting a condensed version of the same talk for VBUG.

Hope to meet up with a couple of you there!

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  1. Jerry Mead says:

    Dr Tim

    Passed you on the wrong elevator twice at MIX, thought "Ah, I’ll catch him later", never did. Sorry. I did also promise Scott Guthrie something ‘compelling’ as a Zeepe-hosted Silverlight sample

    and that *will* be great … when it finally hits the top of the ‘To Do’ pile.  Hold, breath, don’t, your, etc.

  2. Douglas G. says:

    Hi Tim — I’ve been taking your recent blog posting pause as reason not to be overly anxious about a reply w.r.t. my job application. I suppose I should apply the same reasoning whilst your traveling in Europe. Hoping to hear from you soon…

  3. Hi Tim – are you in Germany at all on your European tour? Help to keep your German fluent 😉

  4. Pablo Alarcón García says:

    Hi Tim, have been at your sessions in Madrid, what a surprise to find you hacking with javascript instead of doing "serious WPF things" 😉

    PS: Speak slower would be nicer for those brave who attended the english-speech sessions 🙂

  5. Tim Sneath says:

    I’m sorry, Pablo. I tried to speak slower, I really did, but there’s just so much to say! Thank you for your patience with me!

  6. I will be over in Ireland on Thursday presenting on Service Broker . It appears few people are actually

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