WPF Chat Transcript #2 Now Available

Thanks to the 120+ of you who showed up for the second technical chat with the WPF and Expression Blend teams. We really enjoyed hosting you all; the chat transcript is now available here.

Comments (1)

  1. Horst Klein says:

    Hi Tim

    Thanks to public the chat transcript!

    I heard from a table neighbor from your chat,

    but it was one day too late!!!

    I’m building our Frontend-Layer with WPF and I (we) use Blend to build the GUIs. The most significant barrier is to do this with loose-xamls. But now we found a way to use custom commands in loose-xamls.

    Because I was very interested to visit the next chat, is it possible to register me in a newsletter if you do a next WPF/Blend chat?

    Best regards


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