WPF / Expression Technical Chat: February 21st

We had a pretty successful online technical chat in December, where we brought about twenty members of the WPF team together to answer your technical questions and listen to your feedback. Based on the response, we're going to host a similar event at the end of this month, covering both WPF and Expression Blend. If you're working on a WPF application as a developer or designer, or even just thinking of using WPF, you'll get a lot of value out of this, I think.

Specifically in this chat, as well as general technical Q&A, we'd love to hear even more in the way of feedback from yourselves on what we're doing right and wrong with WPF. What would you like to see in the next release of WPF? We'll hopefully give you a bit of information about our current plans and invite feedback.

The chat takes place on Wednesday, February 21st 2007 at 11am Pacific (that's 2pm Eastern, 7pm UK/GMT, 8pm Europe). Use this link to add an appointment to your calendar, and use this link to enter the chatroom on the day of the event. Spread the word around, and hope to see you there!

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    "What would you like to see in the next release of WPF?"

    Personally, I’d like to see blend modes implemented.  I really feel it’s imperative.  Thanks to Adam’s post I understand that there are some important design considerations involved.  Has a decision or general direction been decided upon yet?


  2. bryant says:

    Looking forward to it. Thanks for having another chat!

  3. Tim Sneath says:

    Edward, it’s a good question – maybe we’ll have more of an answer by then. I don’t have anything that I can share right now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tim, I would really like that you guys get better text rendering implemented ASAP. Current text rendering is really not up to the par with the rest of the Windows and Vista system rendering. Especially rendering of the small text is very blurry which makes business applications hard on eyes and does not look really professional and polished. You can see on MSDN forums lot of people complaining about that and during course of development of our Wpf-Ribbon control we observed the same.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am sure you read the invite from Tim There is a Chat with the WPF team tomorrow at 11 AM PST.. I skipped

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