The WPF Wiki is Here…

Behind the scenes, Karsten and I have been developing a WPF wiki on a background thread, and I think it's about time that we open it up to the world. Our goal is to continue to improve openness and transparency around WPF development, and allow space for others to contribute and collaborate in a public forum so that our individual knowledge can be pooled and shared.

So today we pushed the big red button, and the wiki is now live on Channel 9. Here are some of the pages we have today:

We'd love for you to jump in and contribute: add new pages, contribute to existing pages, or tidy up anything broken that you see there. We'll be keeping an eye on things and adding some more content ourselves over time. Let's make this big!

Comments (3)

  1. With Vista available to the public any minute, I’ll bet you can’t wait to start developing with Windows

  2. ekampf 2.0 says:

    Tim Sneath blogged about a new WPF Wiki which just went live… It is over at Channel9 at

  3. David Ing says:

    This may sound both odd and bizaare, but I wonder if you could build a wiki *out of* WPF, i.e. XAML == markup == interact editing (XmalPad) == worth a try. It might be a great showcase for the tech?

    I did kind of get some where doing this a while back (on my blog I think, I don’t read it :¬), but it was a very early build at the time and I got ‘permissioned to death’, so to speak.

    Just an idea.

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