WPF and WPF/E Bloggers List: Updated for 2007

For the last couple of years, I've undertaken the thankless task of trying to maintain a list of active bloggers on WPF. Unfortunately, I've let it languish for a little while, so I've taken some time out to revamp it completely: making sure that people still are actively blogging on WPF-related topics and checking that all the links work.

At last, I'm pleased to present the latest list. I've added a new section for WPF/E blogs, removed a few somewhat arbitrary subcategories in the organization, and greatly expanded the list of independent community blogs (with some selectivity - I've not included everyone who has ever included the term WPF on their blog, for obvious reasons). There's an OPML version as well for easy importing into your feed reader. If you have IE 7, for some reason the feed import function is pretty buried. Hit Alt+F to bring up the "hidden" File menu and then choose the Import and Export menu option.

Hope this is useful - apologies in advance if I missed anyone.

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  1. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Tim, thanks for putting the WPF OPML file – it’s so useful whilst taking my WPF baby steps to be able to read stuff by folks who’ve been working on it or using it in-anger for longer than me. Cheers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great initiative Tim, thanks!

  3. DanielMoth says:


    If you have IE 7, for some reason the feed import function is pretty buried. Hit Alt+F to bring


    …or, just hit the 2nd icon from the left (yellow star with the green plus sign on it) and choose "Import an Export…"

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tim, FYI:

    I didn’t know that you’ve put my tag and its RSS in this list and renamed my tag to align my tags cloud (Windows Presentation Foundation was too long!).  I just found this post from my referrals list today so you can update links to avoid broken URLs:


  5. Sheva says:

    Hi Tim, I think Douglas Stockwell should be put into the blogger list, since he’s done some much blogging about WPF:



  6. Tim Sneath says:

    Thanks Daniel – that’s well hidden 🙂

    Sheva, I agree: I hadn’t seen his blog until last week for some reason. I’ll add him.


  7. wcsdkteam says:

    Hi Tim, the Windows SDK has a blog that is pretty active and getting a decent amount of traffic.




  8. Anonymous says:

    Blogging about "WPF/E" here as well 🙂

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