I Don’t Have Windows Vista Beta 2 Product Keys!

I do my best to keep up with the comments and direct mail that this blog generates; I'm not perfect and sometimes things slip through the cracks, but I do enjoy reading others' comments and often learning something new myself. (I should also mention that I'm unable to answer technical support questions via the contact link on this blog; you're better placed to post on one of the many WPF newsgroups or forums hosted by Microsoft and others.)

However, since the Windows Vista Beta 2 Customer Preview Program closed, I've had a flood of email from folks asking if I can get them an exception or send them a product key. I've had six already in the first few hours of today, and it's more than I can respond to personally on top of the several hundred other emails I receive directly each day! I don't know whether someone has posted a link to my blog as the "product key fairy", perhaps.

So I wanted to post a quick note to apologize and say that, no, I don't have any ability to generate exceptions, I don't have a private stash of product keys, and I'm therefore really sorry but I'm unable to help. It's great to see enthusiasm for Windows Vista - if you're really interested, then an MSDN Subscription will gain you access to the Subscriber Downloads site where you can get access to new Windows Vista builds on almost a monthly basis. Once again, sorry!

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