Microsoft’s Photography Site

Photography is something of a hobby of mine. I'm not nearly as competent as even many of my colleagues (for example, Mike Swanson takes some fantastic macro photography), but I gain great satisfaction from taking portrait photographs and candid, informal street scenes.

I stumbled on our own prosumer digital photography site today and found some really interesting stuff that you wouldn't necessarily expect to find on a Microsoft property. We've spent a lot of time hiring creative professionals over the last year or so, and it's starting to pay some great rewards. The site is buried four levels deep (Windows XP -> Using Windows XP -> Photography -> Pro Photography) - it's almost as if we didn't want people to find out about it - but there are some really useful articles and software downloads that will appeal to anyone who has a digital SLR in particular.

Here are a few of my favorite links:

If you're into photography, check the site out. I'll write more "expressively" about Microsoft creative tools next week (get the hint?!)...

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