Building a Perfect WPF Developer Workstation

OK, so you’ve just decided that WPF is the strategic technology of choice for your next-generation application, and you’ve taken the opportunity to flatten and reinstall your developer workstation. What should you put on it to create the perfect WPF development environment? There are so many good tools, utilities and samples out there, that I thought…


Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Compatible with WPF and WPF/E Templates

Just in case anyone was wondering, you’re safe to install the service pack for Visual Studio 2005 on a machine that has the .NET Framework 3.0 Extensions and/or the “WPF/E” project templates. One thing to be aware of is that Visual Studio 2005 SP1 includes the web application project types which are required as a…


WPF Unleashed – New Book from Sams Publishing

If you’re looking to learn WPF from a book, there are an increasing range of good choices out on the bookshelves that are based on the shipping APIs. I wrote a little about Charles Petzold’s latest Microsoft Press title Applications = Code + Markup a few months ago. Our very own Laurence Moroney is the proud author of…


Microsoft Expression Launch Event

I’m presuming that almost everyone who follows this blog has at least one of the Expression design tools on their machine; Expression Blend (formeddrly known as “Sparkle” or Expression Interactive Designer) is an essential part of the arsenal for any WPF developer; Expression Design is a capable graphics tool that can output XAML in either…


WPF Technical Chat: Thursday December 21st

Following on from a couple of requests, I’m delighted to announce that we’ll be hosting our first ever live online technical chat with the WPF team on the MSDN site next Thursday, December 21st, at 12:30pm Pacific Time (that’s 3:30pm ET, 8:30pm GMT, 9:30pm CET). We’ll have a collection of the WPF team on hand to…


The Microsoft Office Prank

It’s a long-standing Microsoft tradition that when someone goes away for an extended period of leave, they’re at risk of having a prank played on their office. The great Larry Osterman filmed a hilarious video a while back listing many of the examples he’s seen, and if you’re ever on campus and get the chance…


New in WPF: Build a True 3D Application

Well, it’s finally here. As mentioned yesterday, the WPF 3D team had a very special announcement to make today. In the last hour, the bits have gone live on CodePlex. So what have we been getting excited about? It’s now possible to build a fully 3D application that includes controls like textboxes, sliders, buttons etc….


WPF in Three Dimensions

The WPF 3D team have just started a new team blog (covering the 3D APIs in WPF, obviously). These guys have done an amazing job over a very short space of time. For a long while, WPF didn’t have any support for 3D at all (it wasn’t in the original PDC builds, for instance), and…


Installing the WPF/E Developer Environment on Windows Vista

Although the client runtime is an easy install, I came across a few quirks in installing the full “WPF/E” developer environment on Windows Vista (hey, this is bleeding edge, after all!) I thought I’d post a quick summary of the steps here in the hope that it might be useful to someone. [We refreshed the…


The WPF/E Developer Environment

On Monday of this week, we introduced a “little brother” for WPF as we released the first CTP of “WPF/E”, a technology that was announced a year ago at PDC 2005. “WPF/E” is a small, lightweight, cross-platform client runtime that brings the animation, 2D vector graphics and media capabilities from WPF into the web arena, with…